While the focus is on India, experiences, case studies, and practices from other parts of the world, relating to sustainability education, cities, buildings, and circularity are welcome.
10 October 2019
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econd Symposium on Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific

WHAT: Second Symposium on Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific

WHEN: 19-21 December 2019

WHERE: Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Madhya Pradesh, India 

Madhav Institute of Technology & Science (M.I.T.S.), Gwalior, India has spearheaded in education focusing on STEM by establishing 11 departments for undergraduate and graduate courses. M.I.T.S. Gwalior will host the "Sustainable Development Research in the Asia-Pacific", in partnership with the United Nation's Environment One Planet’s Sustainable Buildings and Construction (SBC) Programme, United Nations One Planet* Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) Programme and Manchester Metropolitan University HAW Hamburg.

The Symposium has been designed to foster and facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of building and infrastructure construction project with sustainability outcomes. The Symposium will bring together academia, experts, policy makers and other stakeholders to deliberate on sustainability issues related to construction of building and infrastructure. The event will also provide a platform for networking, exchange of ideas and future partnerships.

The Symposium will feature a dedicated session on sustainable public procurement, aiming to discuss how sustainability and circularity considerations can be integrated throughout the procurement stages of the built environment in order to deliver sustainability outcomes; contributing thus greatly to the discourse of how public procurement could be used as a strategic tool to deliver sustainability considerations and contribute to achievement of SDGs.

This event at M.I.T.S, Gwalior, India is a follow-up of the inaugural Symposium held at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia in 2017 supported by the United Nations One Planet* SBC programme and the IUSDRP.

Sustainable Buildings and Construction programme

The One Planet Sustainable Buildings and Construction programme aims at providing knowledge of sustainable construction and sustainable building solutions to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the planning, commissioning, design, construction, use, management and decommissioning of buildings have a common understanding of sustainable buildings and the knowledge, resources, and incentives required to create, maintain and use them. The programme facilitates the sharing of good practices, launches implementation projects, creates cooperation networks, and commits actors around the world to sustainable construction.

Sustainable Public Procurement programme

The One Planet Network Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) programme is a voluntary global multi-stakeholder partnership in which various parties (governmental, non-governmental, public and private) agree to work together in a systematic way with the aim to promote and accelerate the implementation of sustainable public procurement globally as a way to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Through SPP, governments can lead by example and deliver key policy objectives and send strong market signals. Sustainable procurement allows governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve resource efficiency and support recycling.  

Unsplash - Charlie Costello

  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction
  • Sustainable Public Procurement
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