A new working group: “Using Product Lifetime Extension to Advance Circular Economy”. Let's get started by mapping product lifetime extension policies through a survey!
1 July 2020
  • Consumer Information for SCP

A New Working Group for Product Lifetime Extension

The One Planet network Consumer Information Programme recently set up a new working group on Product Lifetime Extension, led by UNEP and the Akatu Institute. The Working Group aims to bring together practitioners and policy makers and push progress towards product lifetime extension policies and practices worldwide and better engage consumers by raising awareness and improving communication on product lifetime extension.


“Using Product Lifetime Extension to Advance Circular Economy” – how it will be done

The newly created working group builds on previous CI-SCP work on product lifetime extension. The Product Lifetime Extension Hub provides an overview of activities carried out in the past and will be continuously updated and promoted by the new working group. The activities of the working group will include a mapping of product lifetime extension policies and of ecolabels with product lifetime extension criteria. Additionally, the working group will develop case studies that showcase product lifetime extension initiatives particularly from developing countries. The work will be supported by regular meetings for knowledge exchange and discussion on the topic as well as webinars and online trainings.


Support the Work on Product Lifetime Extension!

The CI-SCP is still looking for members for this new working group. The aim is to bring a broad range of stakeholders together so all national governments, intergovernmental organisations, businesses, labelling organisations, civil society organisations and NGOs are all welcome.  Interested organizations can contact ciscp@un.org to join the working group.


A Survey to map Product Lifetime Extension Policies and Regulations

As a first activity under the working group, UNEP is developing a mapping of (existing or in the pipeline) policy and regulatory actions that address product lifetime extension around the world. We would like to invite you to share your knowledge of policy and regulatory actions with us by filling in a short survey, which is available on Google forms: https://forms.gle/wehM7qNDUCVbZmFZ8.

Please feel free to share the survey within your network! We would also be happy to receive your suggestions for relevant organizations and experts active on this topic that we should seek to engage. Contact us at ciscp@un.org or directly send an e-mail to Fernanda Sousa Gimenes at fernanda.gimenes@un.org.

  • Consumer Information for SCP
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