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Why report your progress on SDG 12

Reporting is open throughout the year. The deadline for the current reporting period is 15 January, 2020.  

Tracking progress towards SDG 12

All partners in the One Planet network are working to change the way we produce and consume goods and services to use less resources, create less waste, and to deliver greater social, economic and environmental benefits for people and the planet alike.

Collectively, through the combined efforts of the six programmes and hundreds of organisations that make up the One Planet network, we are shifting to patterns of sustainable consumption and production and driving the achievement of SDG 12.

The impact of reporting

1. Build Knowledge

Production and consumption are complex global issues, involving countless actors and taking place a range of scales. To drive the shift to sustainable patterns of consumption and production, and achieve SDG 12, we need knowledge, data and information on what progress is being made, how, where and by whom.

Through reporting your activity, One Planet network partners can contribute to the current state of knowledge on the shift towards sustainable consumption and production and the achievement of SDG 12.

The One Planet network secretariat combines this data to create a global snapshot of what work is being done on moving to sustainable patterns of consumption and production, what progress has been made in recent years, and what challenges remain to be overcome.

2. Showcase Your Work

Reporting on the shift to sustainable patterns of consumption and production and on achieving SDG 12 is an opportunity for your work to be shared with a wide audience, and key stakeholders including global decision makers.

Each year, the secretariat formally reports on the activity of the One Planet network to the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York.

This report is also turned into an annual magazine that is distributed at key high-level fora and featured on the One Planet network website. The magazine highlights case studies of success stories from across the One Planet network, as identified through the annual reporting.


Read some of the case studies from previous years here.

These case studies can also be featured in creative communications content, such as these 360-degree videos that were displayed at the One Planet network exhibit at High Level Political Forum in New York in 2018, which was visited by 3,300 forum attendees, and again featured at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi in 2019.


3. Guide Strategy & Implementation

All the data collected in the annual One Planet network reporting is available online to be used by the six programmes within the One Planet network, the hundreds of partner organisations, and the global sustainability community, to inform the strategic direction of activities and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

The annual reporting identifies emerging trends, strategic gaps, and opportunities to scale-up and replicate innovative and impactful practices. The findings can be segmented by sectors, region, countries, organisations and types of impact.

The more that partners collectively report, the more value they can get out of the network. Partners can use the reporting findings to:

  • Identify – emerging trends and gaps on SCP,
  • Replicate - best practices and scale-up existing projects, and
  • Connect- with related expertise and initiatives. 

See the results from the 2018 One Planet network reporting to learn from the findings and insights uncovered.

The role of the One Planet network to deliver SDG 12

The role of the One Planet network and its partners is significant within the United Nations and within the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, all 193 member states agreed to the 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production patterns, which the One Planet network implements.

In 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development named the 10-year framework of programmes as an implementation mechanism in targets for both SDG 12 on Sustainable Consumption and Production and SDG 8 on Decent Work and Economic Growth.

This makes the One Planet network the only platform specifically mandated by UN member states to implement an SDG.

The work of partners within the One Planet network is fundamental to measuring progress towards sustainable consumption and production and to achieving SDGs 12 and 8.


Next steps

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