Sustainable Construction and Buildings programme's network member Bionova offers two introductory webinars on One Click LCA Planetary tool in May and June.
19 May 2020
  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction

DATE: 26 May & 24 June

Sustainable Buildings and Construction programme supports the use of responsibly sourced building materials and encourages the use of tools that help to decarbonize buildings.

One Click LCA Planetary is a tool developed by our Network member Bionova, that you can use for free to make life-cycle assessments and to get an overview of embodied carbon impacts and material efficiency of your building designs. To learn more, join coming introductory webinars May 26 at 4pm CET or June 24 at 8am CET.

What you can expect from the 60 minute webinar:

  • Be the first one to know One Click LCA Planetary – free embodied carbon tool for everyone
  • Functionality, features and use cases overview
  • Find out the countries for initial availability and our launch partners
  • Live Q&A


Make Life-Cycle metrics calculations as easy as possible. Bionova's goal is to develop software and solutions for all players in the construction industry to calculate environmental impacts in the easiest and fastest way possible. That also means faster ecodesign, greener buildings, and a better future for us all to live in.

Picture - Pekka Huovila

  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction