The webinar objective is to envision what you can do to initiate change in your neighbourhood and hear the experience from people who co-created more liveable cities with their governments.
25 June 2020
  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education
There is no place like home – Cities making sustainable living a reality

'There is no place like home – Cities making sustainable living a reality' is the second webinar from the broader series: ‘Sustainable Living 1.5: Empowering People to live better and lighter’.

DATE: 7 July 2020

TIME: 09.00-10.15 (TBC) Central European Time

COVID-19 has brought about changes that has forced us to consider more than ever cities and their neighbourhoods’ tremendous impacts, on not only climate change and resources consumption, but also on how a community is organised. In many modern cities, people live together in an urban form that builds and perpetuates severe inequalities that often disproportionately impacts marginalized groups. 

UNEP has developed a set of guidelines to help cities implement an integrated sustainable neighbourhood design around three core principles: Design, Integration and Local Context. These principles, combined, create places for people that make connections and bring a population together by working with the landscape while targeting carbon neutrality with innovative design adapted from every local situation. By doing so, it is a thorough transition towards a circular economy that would emerge. 

Join global experts on this fascinating topic envisioning the future of what sustainable cities and neighbourhoods ought to be like for vibrant local economies and strong local communities. 


09.00-09.05 - Welcome and introduction to the Webinar Series – Garrette Clark, UNEP  

09.05-09.10  - Introduction to session and moderation: Sharon Gil, UNEP and Kirstin Miller, EcoCity Builders

09.10-09.30 - Keynote presentation on urban design, citizen behavior, and sustainable urban development by Serge Salat: Founder of Urban Morphology Institute

09.30-09.45 - How traditional urban design supported/supports sustainable lifestyles in Lalitpur Nepal by Pradeep Amatya: Office of the Mayor, Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Nepal.

09:45-10:00 - Urban design, community engagement, and local context – ideas from the Philippines and the COVID-19 experience; Veronica Hitosis: Deputy Executive Director, League of Cities of the Philippines

10.00-10:15 - Moderated discussion and Conclusions

Unsplash - Martyna Bober

  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education
Nepal, Philippines
Climate Change, Lifestyles, Systems change