The webinar to discuss what is impeding the deployment of sustainable infrastructure.
7 July 2020
  • Sustainable Public Procurement
Sustainable Infrastructure

DATE: 30 July 2020

TIME: 2 P.M. Central European Summer Time/ 8 A.M. Estern Standard Time 

REGISTRATION: You can register for the webinar here.

What is impeding the deployment of sustainable infrastructure? Despite all the rhetoric on sustainability and sustainable recovery from politicians, commentators, investors, project developers and citizens, sustainable infrastructure has yet to happen.

Howard Mann, Senior Law Adviser, at IISD will share observations on the flow of infrastructure capital. He will also advise on why the model public–private partnership (PPP) contracts promoted by multilateral development banks pose high risks for developing countries.

Bruno Alves, Senior Editor, Infrastructure Investor, will tell us more from the February 2020 issue on PPPs and why it may be “time to bin them.”

Motoko Aizawa, Expert on Business and Human Rights, shares perspectives on why environmental impact assessments are simply not enough to deploy sustainable infrastructure. She will show us why inclusiveness is fundamental to de-risking in a post-COVID setting.

The debate will be moderated by Oshani Perera, Director Infrastructure, IISD.

  • Sustainable Public Procurement