Join this webinar run by HEJSupport detailing their upcoming report “Sustainable Fashion? How companies provide sustainability information to consumers”
13 February 2020
  • Consumer Information for SCP

DATE: February 20th, 2020

Time: 4pm CET.


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HEJSupport will be releasing a report “Sustainable Fashion? How companies provide sustainability information to consumers”. It addresses gaps in the current provision of consumers with information on the sustainability of products provided by fashion brands. The report suggests a way forward that will enable consumers to become a driving force that can shape the future of sustainable textiles. HEJSupport analysed the provision of product sustainability information from various brands, using the UN-Environment and ITC 2017 Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information.  In the webinar, key findings of the analysis and recommendations for industry, policy makers and consumers will be presented.


The sustainability of the fashion industry largely depends on the work of regulators and product manufacturers, including their suppliers. But very often the work they do is not enough, and it is here that consumers have a meaningful role to play by encouraging both industry and regulators to ensure product sustainability.

  • Consumer Information for SCP