Webinar ‘Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information’ for those working in buildings and construction sector, exploring its sustainability information, status quo and challenges.
9 October 2019
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Product Sustainability Information- Sustainable Buildings & Construction

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DATE:  Wednesday 9 October

TIME: 09:30 - 11:00 CEST

RECORDING:  You can watch webinar here. 

Sustainable products are a growing business opportunity, especially for emerging and developing countries. Still, challenges impair the rapid growth of green markets. Besides the malpractice of greenwashing, key barriers to sustainable consumption include the uncoordinated proliferation of diverging and/or unchecked product sustainability information tools and the resulting mistrust and confusion among consumers, as well as information providers. 

The webinar feature the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information – a practical tool on how to communicate the sustainability attributes of products. It is tailored specifically for those working in buildings and construction and explores sustainability information in the building sector, status quo and challenges. Webinar is for members of the One Planet network Sustainable Buildings and Construction and Sustainable Public Procurement programmes.

This webinar was organized by One Planet Network Consumer Information Programme, the Sustainable Buildings and Construction (SBC) Programme and UN Environment. It featured presentations of the ‘Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information’, SBC tools MaS-SHIP and SHERPA and some general insights on the importance of product sustainability information for the Buildings and Construction sector.

The Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme (SBC) aims at improving the knowledge of sustainable construction and to support and mainstream sustainable building solutions. Through the programme, all major sustainable construction activities can be brought together under the same umbrella. The work involves sharing good practices, launching implementation projects, creating cooperation networks and committing actors around the world to sustainable construction.


SHERPA is a self-evaluation tool for project managers, communities, and other stakeholders involved in the planning, design, construction and assessment of housing projects. Its goal is for housing in the 21st century to respond to the transformative aspirations of the New Urban Agenda, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement. Housing is regarded as as a lever for sustainable development. To achieve this not only “green” technologies, but also human, social and cultural factors need to be considered within and beyond the boundary of a building


Funded by the 10YFP Trust Fund and developed by Oxford Brookes University, Development Alternatives Group, TERI and UN-HABITAT, this two year research project seeks to promote sustainability in terms of environmental performance, affordability and social inclusion as an integrated part of social housing in India. The project will develop a Decision Support Tool (DST) that will provide guidelines at the conceptual stage of housing projects to enable the adoption of sustainable building .


Read more about One Planet Network Sustainable Buildings and Construction (SBC) Programme: https://www.oneplanetnetwork.org/sustainable-buildings-and-construction

  • Consumer Information for SCP
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