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15 January 2019
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DATE: Wednesday 30 January 2019

RECORDING: Available here.

This webinar about product life cycle was organized by the One Planet network Consumer Information Programme as follow up to the report The Long View, through a project funded by the French Ministry for Ecological and Solidarity Transition. 

We often hear that product lifetimes are becoming shorter and shorter. Terms like ‘planned obsolescence’ are found increasingly in the media. But what about those businesses who go against this ‘trend’ and are founded on circular economy principles? This webinar helps to learn from companies who decided to base their business models on product lifetime extension strategies – by offering products that last longer, employing a service model or giving a second life to products. Hear about their business models, why they see a business opportunity in this, and how they communicate with their consumers.

The Long View - Exploring Product Lifetime Extension

The aim of this study is to provide recommendations on the opportunities available to consumers, private sector and especially governments, of developed and developing economies, to address product lifetime extension. Seven products representing different lifetime expectancies by consumers for their optimal replacement moments and actual lifetimes in selected countries are analysed: washing machines, refrigerators, TVs, mobile phones, laptops and clothing.

The report provides three policy perspectives, two for developed and one for developing countries, for designing measures to address product lifetime extension.It is an output of the 10YFP Consumer Information Programme, contributing to the Programme's work plan 2017. UN Environment partnered with TU Delft to develop the report, with support from the French Ministry for Ecological and Solidary Transition.

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