CI-SCP organized a webinar on Product Lifetime Extension on February 24 2021.
3 February 2021
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Towards more sustainable consumption and production: product lifetime extension, a key issue for circular economy.

In a society of mass consumption, new needs are constantly created to prompt us to buy new products and then quickly throw them away. Such a fast consumption and production carries serious consequences for the environment and drives the 3 environmental planetary crisis: (i) degradation of biodiversity due to the extraction of raw materials, (ii) emission of Greenhouse gas, (iii) as well as a worrying increase in pollution and in waste generation.

Consumers often do not have access to information on product lifetime, making it difficult to distinguish repairable and longer-lasting products. For this reason, a whole-of-society approach is needed to boost the transition towards more sustainable consumption and production and to circular economy patterns.

The Consumer Information Programme held a webinar on Product Lifetime Extension directed to a French-speaking audience. This discussion took place within the framework of the One Planet Network's Consumer Information Program working group on product lifetime extension.

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Laetitia Montero, Associate Programme Management Officer, UNEP, gave an overview of the role of product lifetime extension in promoting circular economy, presented as a win-win situation for the environment, the economy, and the society.

The presentation is followed by a first roundtable that focuses on the implementation of the repairability index in France. Representatives from the Ministry, manufacturers and retailers discuss and comment on the index:

  • Flavien Barraud, Responsible for “Eco-design”, Ministry of Ecological Transition (France);
  • Alec Clement, Operations and Service Director, Samsung;
  • Regis Koenig, Director of Services Policy, FNAC/Darty.

This is followed by a second roundtable, which focuses on other innovative initiatives. The following panelists presented their activities, the strategies they are adopting, the achievements they obtained, and the challenges they face:

  • Laetitia Vasseur, Co-founder and Executive Officer, HOP – Halte à l’Obsolescence Programmée;
  • Thomas Opsomer, Repair Policy Engineer Ifixit;
  • Agnes Crepet, Head of Software Longevity & IT, Fairphone
  • Luke James, Partner Sales, Fairphone.


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  • Consumer Information for SCP
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