On February 18 and 19 two global webinars were held to launch of our key messages for consumer information on plastic packaging developed for businesses, governments and standard-setting and labelling(...)
29 January 2021
  • Consumer Information for SCP
The Consumer Information Programme (CI-SCP) recently released three key messages for businesses, governments and standard-setting bodies and labelling organisations, as well as five case studies. Two webinars were organized for the global launch and focussed on the recommendations for clearer and more effective communication on plastic packaging, as well as the practical action points that can be taken to improve consumer information. The resources were produced by Consumers International and the United Nations Environment Programme and contributes to the One Planet network-wide Plastics Initiative. 
Two global launch webinars of the publication were offered, with the following structure:
  1. Overview of the “Can I Recycle This?” report and Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information report. 
  2. Presentation on three key messages which provide practical action points on the provision of sustainability information on plastic packaging. 
  3. Business, government, standard-setting bodies and labelling organisations responses to the key messages.
  4. Panel discussion for clearer and more effective communications on plastic packaging


FIRST WEBINAR: Thursday 18 February, 17:00 – 18:00 CET

  • Antonia Biggs: Director of the Chilean Plastic Pact, Fundación Chile
  • Alexandra Philips, Associate, SYSTEMIQ
  • Mathilde Crepy: Senior Programme Manager, ECOS 

Watch here


SECOND WEBINAR: Friday 19 February, 10:00 – 11:00 CET

  • Ulf Jaeckel, Head of Division, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BMU)
  • Anne-Sophie Verquere, Senior Communications & Engagement Lead, Quantis
  • Brooke Donnelly, CEO, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

Watch here



•    Nils Heuer: Coordination desk CI-SCP, UNEP
•    Nishita Choudhury: Coordination desk CI-SCP, Consumers International 


The Can I Recycle This? A Global Mapping and Assessment of Standards, Labels and Claims on Plastic Packaging provides five recommendations for clearer and more effective communications on plastic packaging and highlights that work is needed to improve communications about materials, production, recyclability and disposal of plastic packaging.  Three key messages and five case studies have been developed for relevant stakeholders to improve the landscape of consumer information on plastic packaging to reduce confusion.

To access the key messages and case studies and to find more information, visit our Consumer Information and Plastic Packaging hub

  • Consumer Information for SCP
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