Technical Network on Sustainable Crop Production and Agroecology Webinar on «Innovations in Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems. Presentation of a handbook written for and by actors who are tran(...)
1 November 2018
  • Sustainable Food System
Report cover, Woman handing a fruit to another person in front of a vehicle. Screenshot of front page of the FAO's (UN Food and Agriculture Organisations) Policy brief on "Innovations in Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems"

As part of the core initiative "Sustainability along all value chains: identifying and promoting local initiatives linking small-scale producers and consumers" of the One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme, FAO and INRA have been working since 2013 with innovators from 20 countries around the world to document and share experiences in creating local food systems for agroecological production.

This network has collated a rich collection of their experiences, including the introduction of new ideas, which help improve the sustainability of their food systems. These include and are not limited to setting up farmer-led research, producing and managing sustainable inputs, building consumer cooperatives, setting up box delivery schemes, negotiating fair prices, registering and financing formal organizations, and experimenting with small- to medium-scale processing and logistics.

This handbook aims to help those innovators who are actively experimenting with different ways to make their food systems more sustainable. During this webinar, the project team presented the handbook and the participatory research approach used to develop it over the past five years.

Watch the webinar here

  • Sustainable Food System
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