This Webinar promotes discussions on the systemic approach required by country policies to effectively promote sustainable food systems, presenting good practices and discussing challenges.
3 March 2020
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sustainable food systems

DATE and TIME: late April 2020 (Check back soon for final details)

Globally, the food sector is already a dominant user of our natural resources. It is responsible for 60% of global terrestrial biodiversity loss, between 21-37% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, and 33% of degraded soils. Simultaneously, these pressures on our natural resource base are expected to significantly increase with population, urbanization and supermarketization trends, as well as dietary shifts to more resource-intensive food (eg. meat and ultra-processed food). Meanwhile, 800 million people are hungry, over 2 billion suffer from micronutrient deficiencies, with over 2 billion people being obese.

Building a truly sustainable food system requires a food systems approach that examines food systems as a whole rather than in separate pieces, valuing outcomes over processes, and embracing a variety of voices instead of individual perspectives. A food systems approach goes hand in hand with improved governance, institutional changes and policy integration.

To address these challenges, many countries and cities around the world are putting in place multi-stakeholder platforms of collaboration and designing food systems strategies. These initiatives are expected to connect existing country or city policy areas that impact or are impacted by food systems activities (eg. various environmental agendas, in addition to health, social and economic elements) to support local or national government in moving beyond simple siloed interventions to an integrated and comprehensive multi-stakeholder political effort.

About this webinar

This Webinar aims to promote discussions around the systemic approach required by country policies to effectively promote sustainable food systems, with the presentation of good practices and discussions of challenges. It is part of a Series of webinars on Food Systems Approach on the Ground promoted by members of the One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme, a global multi-stakeholder platform to support countries in the transition towards sustainable food systems. 

The Webinar is organized in the context of the launch, in June 2019, of the SFS programme’s Collaborative Framework for Food Systems Transformation - a policy guideline for systems approach to policies and governance. Its findings aim to contribute to upcoming important events for the food systems agenda, such as the 3rd Global Conference of the SFS Programme, and the UN Food Systems Summit.

Read more about One Planet network Sustainable Food Systems Programme:

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  • Sustainable Food System
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