This UNEP webinar explored the linkages between food consumption and climate change and how food behaviours have changed under Covid-19.
11 February 2021
  • Sustainable Food System
  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education

The webinar addressed sustainable diets and food waste in 2020 and the following specific questions:

1. How can we take action for sustainable food systems as individuals?

2. How has the COVID context affected behaviours and created opportunities for change?

3. What motivates effective (more sustainable) behaviours?

4. What new forms of engagement are changing the landscape?

The objective of this webinar was to raise awareness about the linkages between sustainable food consumption and climate change, the ways food behaviours changed under Covid-19, and how individuals can adopt simple habits that support a transition to sustainable food systems and reduce their climate impact.

93 participants joined the webinar. Among the 25 survey respondents, 100% said that the webinar supported their knowledge and awareness of sustainable food consumption. COVID-19 has impacted food behaviours among participants - leading respondents to cook more from scratch and check their supplies before shopping. Regarding shifting towards a more plant-rich diet, 72% of respondents mentioned a strong interest in eating more plant-based foods.

  • Sustainable Food System
  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education
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