Join the launching webinar of the report “Adopting Decarbonization Policies in the Buildings and Construction Sector” for a presentation on the key findings and discussion.
5 June 2020
  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction

DATE: 11 June 2020

TIME: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EEST

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According to the latest UNEP Emissions Gap report, to be on track for the 1.5oC goal, the world needs to reduce global emissions by over 50% by 2030 and work towards carbon neutrality by 2050. Emissions from the buildings and construction sector represent nearly 40% of global energy-and process-related emissions – a challenging opportunity to significantly reduce emission levels to those recommended by the scientific community.

A new review of the evidence of the impact of climate policy in the buildings sector shows that taking action to decarbonize the building sector also delivers significant economic and social benefits, and should therefore be considered as a core element of COVID-19 response stimulus packages. “Adopting Decabornization Policies in the Buildings and Construction Sector” is the newest report from the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, which Sustainable Buildings and Construction is part of, and provides a review of the evidence of the impact of implementing cost-effective policy measures to reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings and construction sector. The report reflects on the most important measures that policymakers at all jurisdiction levels should consider when planning building climate actions that can deliver the most economic impact and emissions savings over the long-term.

The webinar takes place on Thursday 11 June 2020, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EEST.

Preliminary agenda

09:00 The Challenge: Paris Targets Roadmap for the Building Sector
09:10 Policy Drivers for Decarbonisation of the buildings sector – the evidence for costs, benefits and economic stimulus - Peter Graham – E.D. GBPN
09:40 Building Codes: dena (German Energy Agency) 09:50 Rating & Disclosure (TBC)
10:00 The Importance of the policy signals to spur market transformation (TBC)
10:10 Q&A 10:25 Closing Remarks


  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction
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