Do you want to learn how to provide product sustainability information effectively? Watch the video to learn about the 10 principles for communicating the sustainability of products and services!
2 August 2021
  • Consumer Information for SCP

Conscious consumption is on the rise. Consumers are growingly mindful of how they are consuming: they look at what they are buying, they strive to limit food waste, they shop more cost consciously and buy more sustainable option. Consumers increasingly want to understand, quantify, compare and contrast their personal impact through purchasing and fulfil their belief that their change in behaviour can make a positive difference. Brands will need to make this change in behaviour a key part of their offer, i.e. by exploring new business models, and to review the way they communicate about products and their sustainability performance.

To support companies and organizations in their efforts to convey credible product sustainability information, the One Planet network Consumer Information Programme has published a video developed by UNEP and Akatu Institute presenting the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information. This video contains a clear and didactic presentation of the ten high-level principles to follow for an effective and transparent communication on the sustainability of products and services.

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Through this video it is possible to discover the five Fundamental Principles summarizing the steps to follow for the communication of reliable and trustworthy information on sustainability attributes of products and services. For ambitious companies wanting to go even further, five Aspirational Principles, which aim at sensitizing consumers on the importance of making more sustainable choices, are presented.



Want to dive even deeper after having watched our video? Find our more details by reading the Guidelines for Product Sustainability Information and explore additional resources on our Knowledge Platform around the Guidelines.


  • Consumer Information for SCP
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