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Ms. Victoria W. Thoresen


UNESCO Chair for education for sustainable lifestyles; and Director of Center for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development

at PERL (The Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living) (Scientific / Technical)


Multistakeholder Advisory Committee of a programme: Sustainable Lifestyles and Education

About my work

I have worked within the fields of education for sustainable development and education for sustainable consumption for many years locally, nationally and internationally. I have assisted in policy development, research and the development of educational methodologies and materials. As coordinator of a very large interdisciplinary network which has dealt with these topics for over 20 years, I have been able to keep abreast of much of what is happening in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as the USA and Canada on these issues. As a resource person I feel I could help connect people to relevant activities and projects, and share updated resource information and data.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Education, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation


Africa, Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America / Caribbean