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I strongly believe that the mining industry has to change and develop a better relationship with the wider community. The products from mining have been essential for the development of society but the public often has a negative view of the industry because of images from history and/or news of accidents. I have worked in mining communities in developing countries and have witnessed the positive impact that mines can have on the local and regional infrastructure and facilities. It is important that all stakeholders can engage during the development stages of a mining project to ensure that the programme is optimized and each party derives appropriate returns. There are new technologies that can be applied to minimize the environmental impact and enhance the safety of personnel in the mining industry. However, the fact that there are already many types of risk in the development of mines means that the introduction of new technologies more difficult. Strong long-term partnerships can minimise these risks and help to catalyse deployment of innovations can be accelerated. I want to use my skills and experience to help the general public become more aware of the importance of the mining industry and to recognize that only through effective partnerships can the needs of all stakeholders be accommodated. I would be proud to contribute to the continued development of the DPI to help meet the needs of future generations and address the challenges presented by a growing global population and finite natural resources on our planet. The companies in the mining sector cannot bear all of these burdens on its own – this would not be acceptable to the investment community. However by working in partnership with local communities, regional and national governments, international regulators, technology providers and investors more sustainable systems and operating practices can be developed and utilised to address the issues identified through collaborations – such as commodity price cycles.

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Africa, Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America / Caribbean, Middle East, North America