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Mr. Tiziano Cattaneo


Founder Director

at China Lab (Scientific / Technical)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Tourism

About my work

I am Professor and Founder Director of China Lab which is both a Laboratory and International Research Network, which conducts research inspired by China’s rapidly progressing urbanization including also the production of architecture and urban space. The Lab’s research framework is build across a multidisciplinary approach, which a full range of urban disciplines, practices and professions of the Participants Universities providing a trans-scalar design vision that represent crucial properties of architecture, settlements and territories with special focus on Sustainable tourism and Sustainable design and building construction. The long-term goal of the network is to produce a dialogue about the future of design in emerging markets and a framework for studying this new research frontier. One of the main objectives of China Lab network is to strengthen collaboration between Chinese and EU researchers, to cope with this goal, the structure of the Lab offers a collaborative space.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Environmental Services, Buildings and construction, Culture and recreation, Energy, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation, Tourism, Transport


Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia