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Ms. Sylvia Aguilar-Camacho


Senior Consultant Procurement Advisory Services

at UNOPS (United Nations / intergovernmental organizations)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Public Procurement

About my work

A development professional with 18 years of international experience managing and implementing projects on sustainable development, sustainable public procurement and policy development for private sector and government clients. Skilled in project administration, including proposals development. I have promoted among Central American Authorities public procurementĀ“s importance to support sustainable development in the region, through publications, trainings, spaces of dialogue and other initiatives for the definition and implementation of policies that facilitate access to SMEs and to seek to award bids with better socio-environmental performance, promoting the concept of "best value for money". The main topics of my projects have been sustainable public procurement, SMEĀ“s and public procurement, quality in technical specifications and waste management. In the case of Costa Rica, the projects have led to new regulations.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Public Procurement, Industrial Sector


Latin America / Caribbean