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Mr. Sanjay Kumar


Sustainable Procurement Practitioner

at India - Ministry of Railways (Government / public sector)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Public Procurement

About my work

Sustainability is something I believe in passionately. The recent economic growth of Asian nations has been based on unsustainable consumption of resources resulting in significant environmental degradation. While economic growth has undoubtedly, in the last few decades, helped lift millions out of poverty and achieved significant developmental gains, Asian region as a whole is still home to large percentage of world’s poor and responsible for one third of world emission. Therefore, countries in this region face dual challenges of alleviating poverty, while ensuring environmental sustainability of development. In business-as-usual (BAU) scenario, the current level of this region’s economic growth cannot be sustained without compromising the needs of future generation. This setting motivates me to use my experience, partnership and skills to build team(s) that would facilitate decoupling of economic growth from natural resource consumption through innovations in value chains.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Energy, Public Procurement, Transport


Asia / Pacific