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Mr. Rob Wheeler


UN Representative & Consultant: Ecovillage Program Activities

at Global Ecovillage Network (Civil society)

United States of America

About my work

I am an expert in developing programmes and activities to support an integrated multi-sectoral community based approach to development. This includes work in eco-restoration, natural and green building, eco-agriculture, carbon farming, water retention landscaping, and renewable energy systems, etc. I am one of the Global Ecovillage Networks primary organizers for our Pan African and Global Ecovillage Development Programmes (see: and am also working on the development of our Community Sustainability Impact Assessment Survey/Tool integrating the work being done on a community level to reduce our ecological impact in line with the SDGs. I put together a special web section for addressing climate change using ecovillage best practices for the Paris Climate Summit which you can read at I am also Trainer and Facilitator of Ecovillage Design Education Courses and Training Programs and can lead them in North America, Africa, +

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Buildings and construction, Education, Energy, Food & Beverage


Africa, North America