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About my work

We are engaged in promoting sustainable production and consumption of traditional, ethnic and geographically famous produces. We strive to promote concepts of Consume to Conserve, Local and Cultural Consumption, Reviving Food Connection and Sustainable life style in line with UN’ SDG 12. Our goal is ‘Inclusive and Sustainable Development’ through Shared Prosperity. We promote betterment of tribal livelihood and sustainable management of local bio-diversity and natural resources, by promoting niche markets. Presently, we connect rural communities in 400 villages in 3 states in India carrying out sustainable production, aggregation and collective trading of agro and forest products to urban market, through different channels including online and mobile-platforms. We provide urban-consumers with easy & affordable means for healthier, nostalgic yet responsible consumption experiences. Our short supply chains revive food-connections & promote sustainable food systems.

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Forestry, Food & Beverage, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation


Asia / Pacific