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Mr. Osmond Mugweni


Founder, Principal Researcher and Executive Director

at Njeremoto Biodiversity Institute (Civil society)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Food Systems Programme, Sustainable Food Systems Programme

About my work

I have significant experience (≥40 years) and professional qualifications in the following: • Agricultural Extension including Participatory Extension Approaches and Methodologies • Livestock both Large and Small Stock Production including Fish Farming in an Integrated Production System; including rehabilitation and increased productivity of arid/semi-arid rangeland ecosystems by empowered, self-reliant communities in harmony with environment. • Participatory Development guided by the Participatory Rural Appraisal Process and Participatory Extension Approaches, Leadership for Environment and Sustainable Development, Environmental Management and Conservation; • Community Participation in Sustainable Development; Institutional & Organizational Development; • Catchment Rehabilitation, Restoration and Integrated Rural Development • Holistic Management - focusing on enhanced household Food Security and Increased Incomes through restoration of land, livestock and natural water system

Areas of expertise