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Ms. Olga Speranskaya


Co-Director, Senior Policy Advisor, Board member

at Health and Environment Justice Support (HEJSupport)/Eco-Accord/International PollutantsElimination Network (IPEN) (Civil society)


Multistakeholder Advisory Committee of a programme: Consumer Information for SCP

About my work

I have a broad experience in managing, monitoring and evaluating projects focused on chemical safety, gender and chemicals, children’s health, chemicals exposure, and human rights. I Identify, catalogue, and develop opportunities for partnerships across a wide spectrum of organizations with the focus on implementation and management of partnership strategies on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), highly hazardous pesticides, chemicals in products, pollution sources, domestic and international chemical safety processes. I provide consultations to countries on policy and regulatory development and risk management, including projects which comprise training and capacity building for the implementation of environmental agreements. I work with stakeholder groups on strategic planning and organizational design to strengthen their participation in decision making on environmental issues.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Environmental Services, Water, Consumer Goods, Education, Waste, incl. Chemicals, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation


Africa, Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, North America