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Ms. Nicole Darnall


Associate Dean and Professor, School of Sustainability; Co-founder, Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative


United States of America

About my work

I have expertise in four relevant areas: (1) Sustainable Procurement – I am studying sustainable purchasing across more than 450 U.S. local governments and coordinating the same project (>4,000 local governments) across 10 other countries. (2) Sustainable Policy and Economic Frameworks - I assess voluntary governance approaches to determine whether the absence of state coercion, combined with appropriate incentives, can encourage organizations and individuals to be more sustainable. (3) Ecolabels – I research why consumers utilize ecolabels and how third party certifications relate to consumers’ ecolabel use. I consider how ecolabel structures differ by ecolabel sponsor (government vs. NGO vs. industry association). (4) Sustainable Production – I research firms’ sustainable production activities, why firms adopt sustainable production models, how they affect firms’ supply chains, whether these models improve environmental outcomes, and whether they generate financial benefits.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Public Procurement


Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, North America