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Ms. Marissa Altmann


Assistant to the Executive Director

at Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (Scientific / Technical)

United States of America

Partner of programme: Consumer Information for SCP, Consumer Information for SCP

About my work

The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN) is a global community dedicated to the development and marketing of products that conserve threatened wildlife while contributing to the economic vitality of rural communities. The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network sets the standard for Wildlife Friendly enterprises worldwide. By showcasing the work of the growing number of Wildlife Friendly enterprises to buyers and the consumer public, WFEN expands the market for products developed with sound practices, enabling our enterprises to succeed for the benefit of both people and ecosystems. Certified Wildlife Friendly® products have been sourced and featured by Whole Foods, Puma, Aveda, General Mills, S&D Group and Yves Rocher, among other top companies that provide quality products to their customers while promoting biodiversity conservation and community development. These include: fibers (yarns, clothing & home decor); jewelry, apparel & accessories; food & spices; tourism; and more.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Agricultural and Fishery, Environmental Services, Consumer Goods, Culture and recreation, Education, Tourism


Africa, Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America / Caribbean, Middle East, North America