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Ms. Listya Kusumawati





About my work

The work is focusing on mainstreaming SCP policy in the country level under UN Development Account project on "Supporting developing countries to deliver sustainable consumption and production services at the country level". Relevant SCP sectors & themes: -Sustainable Food Systems: integrated organic food waste (Colombia), sustainable organic agriculture (Zambia) -Sustainable Lifestyles and Education: SCP mainstreaming - tertiary education curricula (Pakistan, LAO PDR) -Sustainable Buildings & Construction: Green Building code (Pakistan) -Sustainable Tourism Programme: eco-labelling (Honduras) -SCP Indicator dev Also, I was the National Focal point in mainstreaming Sustainable Buildings & Construction policy in the national and sub-national level in Greater Jakarta Region - Indonesia, under NAMA - Low Emission Development & Green Economy (green GDP,GDP of the poor,decent green jobsscheme Interest: policy diaologue, project debottlenecking, capacity building, breaking down silos

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Buildings and construction, Energy, Financial Sector, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation


Africa, Asia / Pacific