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Ms. Lindsay Canet Desanti


Especialista en paisajes funcionales


Costa Rica

About my work

My work experience has focused on the management of functional landscapes for the conservation of biodiversity and human well-being. From research on issues of functional connectivity in marine and terrestrial environments, to working with different actors to promote leadership and empowerment of projects in their territory that seek to promote sustainable livelihoods and to maintain connectivity and functionality at the landscape scale. Within the topics of specialty are: landscape ecology, biological corridors, protected areas, adaptation of biodiversity to climate change, ecosystem services for human well-being and systematic planning for the conservation of biodiversity. In the last 15 years, I work for CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Teaching Center), convincing research, education and extension at local, national and regional level, having projects in different Latin American countries.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Environmental Services, Education, Forestry, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation


Latin America / Caribbean