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Mr. Kimbowa Richard


Programme manager

at Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (Civil society)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Food Systems Programme

About my work

I have been working with Civil society for more than 15 years. Since February 2012, I am the Regional Coordinator for the Lake Victoria Environment Management Project (LVEMP II) Civil Society Watch Project of the East African Sustainability Watch Network. Currently I am in charge of preparing advocacy materials and briefs under the LVEMPII Civil Society Watch Project (for example the Lake Victoria basin Climate Change Readiness brief No.1 and the monthly LVEMP II Civil Society Watch E bulletins, and the East African SusWatchdog Newsletter. I am also Country Correspondent (Uganda) for the Global South Development Magazine (since August 2010) In addition, between 2009 and 2012, I have been a member of the Team for the REDD-Net Project – a hub for knowledge sharing and resources on REDD+ (2009 – 2012) involving CSOs in East Africa, Asia and Latin America. I have co-authored 8 Publications on pro-poor REDD+ I have also been a member of ESPA team for Uganda on the Project: ‘Safeguarding Equity for Ecosystem Services (2010 – 2012) that is finalizing a paper with a case study on Uganda’s Trees for Global Benefit Initiative in Bushenyi District (Uganda), a Plan Vivo project. Between 2009 and 2010, I was the regional facilitator for the SIDA supported East African Civil Society Watchdog Project for Sustainable Development in the Lake Victoria basin that prepared 6 issues of the Civil Society Watchdog Discussion Papers to influence the East African Community and the Partner States in relation to sustainable development in the Lake Victoria basin. UCSD was involved in monitoring the MDGs (MDG1, 7 and 8) between 2005 and 2007, where I coordinated the preparation of two National Sustainability Watch (alternative) Reports to assess progress in realization of these MDGs in Uganda; that contributed to the Uganda MDG / GCAP Coalition advocacy and public awareness work (MDG 1, 7 and 8).

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