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Ms. Judy Luo


Product Certifier



About my work

Judy is responsible for the management of over 100 designated certification projects, including building and interiors and also cleaning and amenities products under the Global GreenTag and associated standards, as well as client liaison, project management, information collation and assessment.She also develops life cycle inventory based on manufacturer information provided, LCA consultant management, technical research, certification colateral production and reporting and working with client technical and factory representatives to achieve certification under the GreenTag Standards and handles all aspects of contract administration to ensure contracts are compliant with and fulfil contract conditions. Additionally, Judy manages all CHINA related Mandarin language dealings for GreenTag including translations, domestic China translator management (bulk website content) factory communications, China agent, sales collateral and Mandarin Language sa

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Environmental Services, Consumer Goods, Buildings and construction, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation


Asia / Pacific