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Mr. Edward Amankwah


Development Practitioner

at Center for Environmental Governance (CEGO) (Civil society)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Tourism

About my work

Works as a Researcher for the Center for Environmental Governance (CEGO), a Think Tank that promotes advocacy on themes as Certification, biological diversity, climate change, and land governance. As an Assessment practitioner with over 20 years’ experience ,his work traverses several disciplines. Performed active roles as an advocate on conservation and ecosystem services and climate change. Received fellowships and awards such as: The Dutch – German ABS Initiative for Africa; Australian Government to participate in the World Indigenous Network Conference Selected as an expert on the IPBES (a) Conceptual Framework (b) Deliverable 3 (d)

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Culture and recreation, Forestry, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation, Tourism