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Mr. Denis Hilton


Professor of Social Psychology

at Laboratoire Cognition, Langues, Langages et Ergonomie (Scientific / Technical)


Partner of programme: Consumer Information for SCP

About my work

I am a social psychologist with interests in decision-making and behavioural change. I am currently leading a research programme in collaboration with economists looking at the most effective methods of inducing sustainable consumption in online shopping environments (nudges, taxes, carbon labels etc.). We use a simulated online shop that allows us to systematically evaluate the effect of differently designed interventions on consumer behaviour, and to assess how they impact on learning about product carbon footprint. I have also worked on the transport sector, and have advised companies and government bodies on how to design and behavioural interventions aimed at reducing carbon footprint. Our work is relevant to retailers and policy makers interested in identifying effective methods for promoting sustainable consumption, and to educationalists who wish to use our simulated shopping tool to educate consumers and future consumers about product carbon footprint.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Agricultural and Fishery, Consumer Goods, Education, Energy, Food & Beverage, Transport


Africa, Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America / Caribbean, Middle East, North America