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I spend my time, energy and passion working towards a world without extreme poverty. For 15 years I have been a humanitarian, educator and mostly learner in over 85 countries giving more than 600 global citizenship presentations to 60,000+people - mainly schools and universities. In 2016 I gave Teaspoons of Change presentations, worked on the ground in development with UNICEF, expanded my education initiative of Polio Points and started a Master’s in Peace Studies in Japan. I’ve worked with UNICEF in South Sudan, Pakistan and other spots, I’ve built two Happy, simply tiny houses, walked 1000km in Japan, cycled many thousands of kms and much more! Most of the work I do fits into initiatives I’ve started, and looks at global equality and sustainability: Teaspoons of Change – personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet. Happy, simply – a sustainable lifestyle model and education project. 2 tiny homes built as just one part of the model...

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Africa, Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America / Caribbean, Middle East, North America