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Mr. Daniel EL CHAMI


Suistainability Research Manager

at Timac Agro Italia (Business Sector)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Food Systems Programme

About my work

I am an agricultural engineer (MEng), I have a master’s degree (MSc) in land and water resources management and a PhD in agricultural and food economics and politics. I dedicated all my career to sustainability and the major focus of my research is the sustainable management of natural resources in agriculture under changing climate conditions. I had a multidisciplinary experience, which included much applied science mainly in research and development in both developing and developed countries (Europe, MENA region and South Africa), it covered agricultural sector, but it addressed sustainability with a broader meaning of the concept. My career extends as well to management tasks at Timac Agro Italia [private sector dealing with plant and animal nutrition], where I am currently working on research and innovation to increase our sustainable impacts.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Agricultural and Fishery, Water, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation, Industrial Sector


Africa, Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Middle East