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Mr. Churican Andrei


Technical Coordinator

at Romania - National Center for Sustainable Production and Consumption (Scientific / Technical)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Tourism

About my work

I am activating for more than 9 years now in the field of sustainability, starting from the period when I was working as a quality and environmental manager for a large industrial textile producer in Romania until now when I am a senior consultant on sustainability and Technical Coordinator for National Center for Sustainable Production and Consumption (NCSPC) in Romania. My areas of expertise are: *Management Systems: during the last 9 years I have developed and implemented more than 10 management systems (quality management, environmental management, health and safety management) for companies in various fields in industry and services *Product Sustainability - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): in my current sustainability consulting project, I am covering both corporate footprints and product footprints on CO2 but also full LCA analysis. I have worked on corporate footprints on CO2 mainly during the CSR reporting projects in Romania or abroad. Together with my colleagues, we were probably the firsts to realize a cradle-to-gate full LCA in western part of Romania, analyzing the environmental impact for a wooden ice stick. *CSR: as part of denkstatt team but (as a project manager or project consultant) I have developed, coordinated or participated in CSR reporting projects, CSR strategy development projects, CSR training projects, stakeholder engagement and dialogue projects. *RECP: as Technical Coordinator of NCSPC I have coordinated the UNIDO programme in Romania on CP and CSR on tourism sector - Programme for the sustainable development of enterprises in Romania with focus on enhancing national expertise in CP and CSR methodologies in particular for the tourism industry - during the period 2009-2011. Also, as a certified Eco-Profit consultant I have realized more than 10 IPA in Romania and Serbia during Eco-Profit projects in Timisoara and Novi Sad. As a certified trainer, during the last 4 years I have developed and provided various trainings on RECP, CSR, Green Economy and Environmental Management.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Energy, Public Procurement, Industrial Sector, Tourism


Europe and Central Asia