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Mr. Christopher Warren


Behaviour Change/Director

at International Centre for Responsible Tourism - Australia (Civil society)


Partner of programme: Consumer Information for SCP, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Buildings and Construction

About my work

I specialise in behaviour change using persuasive communications and experience design to encourage people to consume resource more sustainably, use buildings more effectively and enjoy holidays more responsibly. My experience is based on 14 years research and development of sustainable tourism experiences in the built environment (tourist accommodation/homes) which has incorporated by PhD research, plus 25 years marketing communications of fast moving consumer good and new product development gained from working in Europe, Middle East/North Africa and Australia. I have worked with government departments, community groups and transnational companies. I have developed an ‘intelligent system’ to measure, monitor and stimulate behaviour change which has been successfully applied to ‘real world’ environments saving resources and encouraging sustainable choices. As a qualified trainer and assessor I have developed a training programme to encourage behaviour change in the service sector.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Buildings and construction, Energy, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation, Tourism


Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Middle East