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Mr. Asela Kulatunga


University Professor


Sri Lanka

About my work

I have been working in the areas of Industrial Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing. I use to carry out researches on resource efficiency optimization of manufacturing and industrial Systems and in the areas of Sustainable Manufacturing. I have done several life cycle assessments and developed some DSS's for Eco design. Further, I have been contributed towards O-LCA manual developed by SATEC, UNEP Project. Currently, working as a consultant for UNEP-CI Project on developing country specific LCI for Agri food sector and Eco Labeling scheme. Apart from my involvements in LCA, I have been working in logistics and Supply Chain management area too. Currently, my focus in this domain is to develop innovative approaches to make greener supply chains.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Consumer Goods, Buildings and construction, Public Procurement, Transport


Asia / Pacific