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Mr. Annie SOREL


Chairwoman of Sustainable Procurement Consulting and Training company ASEA

at ASEA (Business Sector)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Public Procurement

About my work

I’m very involved in the field of Fairtrade Procurement and .I’ve promoted the label “Fairtrade Towns” in the Pays de la Loire area where I live ( for the city of Nantes and others, the “Region Pays de la Loire”, “Departments”), participating in a Jury to deliver the label and implementing many actions to promote Fairtrade buying .I organized training sessions for the main cities of France ( Paris, Lyon, Lille…) specialized on procurement of Fairtrade cotton for professionals garments .I wrote a book on public and private procurement on Fairtrade products (which products, key of success and legal aspects for Fairtrade procurement…)  I’m also involved in the French think tank ObsAR (Observatory of Sustainable Procurement) .I conducted many actions to include SME’s in SPP ( through guidebooks or working groups or public manifestations) .I developed the concept of “Global Cost” now named “Life-Cycle Costing” in working groups of ObsAR, in the French delegation of ISO20400 standard and in international meetings of ISO20400.  I’m an assessor for the French Label on Responsible Supplier Relationships, an initiative of the French government .I conducted so far 15 assessments on large public and private organizations, and intermediate private companies  I’m very motivated to conduct a new working group for 10YFP SPP Program to promote Gender Equality through SPP .I’m involved in different women’s networks since 15 years, President of Business Women’s network since 10 years and co-chair of a network of expert women called “Les Fameuses” with many events in the west part of France. .The main object of all these networks is to promote gender equality, to fight against glass ceilings, to influence the decisions makers for better mixity.

Areas of expertise

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Public Procurement