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Ms. Anne- Kathrin Zschieger


Technical Assistance Advisor

at The Long Run (TLR) (Business Sector)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Multistakeholder Advisory Committee of a programme: Sustainable Tourism

Areas of interest

About my work

Independent Nairobi-based consultant who is passionate about sustainability and dedicated to support businesses and organisations to embrace responsible practices and become more competitive through continuous innovation and strategic business development. • Specialise in on-site and remote tailor-made technical assistance to strengthen sustainable business development aspects in conservation, community, culture and commerce • Lead on the assessment of management practices, identification and implementation of innovative and sustainable business solutions • Advise on the development and support the implementation of strategic sustainability priorities for businesses • Creation, development and management of tools to increase accessibility of knowledge and expertise about sustainable management practices to businesses • Development of systems and structures to increase the company’s capacity for product diversification and business development

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Agricultural and Fishery, Culture and recreation, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation, Tourism


Africa, Asia / Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America / Caribbean, Middle East, North America