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Mr. Andreas Brandner


Managing Director



About my work

I am expert in the field of Knowledge Management and Knowledge-based Development. Managing knowledge is key to any process and responsible action. As a founder and managing director of the Knowledge for Development Partnership I am promoting knowledge as a resource to enable individuals, organizations and countries to produce and consume responsibly. I specifically promote effective knowledge transfer in procurement processes, which need to be managed with a wider multi-stakeholder approach. I am supporting public bodies, companies, NGOs and academia in implementing Knowledge Management and I am giving advice on the development of national, regional and sectoral knowlege strategies. I am director of the Knowledge Management Academy in Vienna and providing Training and education in the field of Knowledge Management.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Agricultural and Fishery, Environmental Services, Water, Buildings and construction, Education, Waste, incl. Chemicals, Energy, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation, Public Procurement, Industrial Sector


Africa, Europe and Central Asia, Middle East