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About my work

Acted as the main Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Expert to implement and Mainstream RECP in the Lebanese Industrial Sectors by adopting proactive environmental strategies and Resource Efficient methodologies and transfer Environmentally Sound Technologies with an attractive return on investment which is integrated into current business operations. Assisted SMEs to enhance productivity by integrating practices and technology that lead to greater efficiency in the use of natural resources, to a reduction of waste and energy & water consumption, and to opportunities for innovation and value creation. Executed priority actions, as identified by stakeholders such as involve capacity building and awareness-raising for industries, business intermediaries, service providers, academia and institutions. Provided assistance and policy advise to Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Environment to develop and adopt sector guidelines and RE and SCP benchmarks, strategy and polices

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Environmental Services, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation, Industrial Sector


Asia / Pacific, Middle East