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Ms. Alexandrina Sirbu


Full Prof., PhD./ Technical expert & consultant

at General Association of the Engineers in Romania (AGIR)- Valcea branch (Civil society)


Partner of programme: Sustainable Food Systems Programme

About my work

I am working on: education (HE) as Full Professor, PhD. (at UCB; and associated at USAMV Bucharest) and acting for industrial field as food expert & adviser (freelancer) AREAS OF EXPERTISE: food commodities, food safety, food quality, quality assurance, food training & qualifications, bread-making and other food technologies, food consumption and consumer behavior, auditing of the organizations. MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: x Teaching and advising - deliver modules aligned with curricular programs; teach university courses; give lectures; collaborate on writing books and articles; supervise (under)graduate students activities; other didactic duties x Research - record of food quality, food safety, food goods etc; x Extension/ outreach - no formal responsibilities; knowledge transfer and training; develop close links with the food industry and other stakeholders; x Administrative duties as committee assignments and educational leadership - Chairman of AGIR Valcea branch.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Energy, Food & Beverage, Tourism


Europe and Central Asia