Harmonizing actions for the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition and the UN Water Action Decade.
20 May 2020
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UNSCN Discussion Paper - Water and Nutrition

Progress for both SDG 2 and SDG 6 has been unsatisfactory, with several indicators worsening over time, including an increase in the number of undernourished, overweight and obese people, as well as rapid increases in the number of people at risk of severe water shortages. This lack of progress is exacerbated by climate change and growing regional and global inequities in food and water security, including access to good quality diets, leading to increased violation of the human rights to water and food. Reversing these trends will require a much greater effort on the part of water, food security, and nutrition communities, including stronger performances by the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition and the United Nations International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development

Discussion Paper

The UNSCN Discussion Paper Water and Nutrition. Harmonizing Actions for the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition and the United Nations Water Action Decade analyzes the complex web of pathways that link water, food security and nutrition outcomes. Climate change and the growing demand for water resources are also considered, given their central role in shaping future water and nutrition security. It calls for increased and systematic collaboration between the nutrition and water sectors and actors, to be able to reach both the water and nutrition targets and the 2030 Agenda.

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The United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) was created in 1977 as the administrative coordinating committee through an ECOSOC (UN Economic and Social Council) resolution. The complexity and magnitude of malnutrition in the world is daunting and far too great for any one UN agency or organization to tackle and solve. Today, several UN agencies work on different nutritional aspects and the role of UNSCN stems from the need for a platform for sharing knowledge and for facilitating coordination of the collective work carried out in this field to ensure coherent and consistent policies, programmes and advocacy initiatives.

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