Images of Goodlife Goals engagement with the Dulwich Network of schools in China, South Korea, Singapore and Myanmar
27 March 2020
  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education

Bringing the Good Life Goals to students across Asia

In school year 2019/2020 the Dulwich International network of schools (10 in China and Singapore, South Korea and Myanmar) has been closely aligning their Teaspoons of Change (small positive impacts) with the One Planet Good Life Goals.

The Good Life Goals enhance and add a global context to their ideas and actions to promote active and effective global citizenship. Their global literacy and competency is thriving as a network and embedding future leaders of positive change.

Below is a selection of photographs documenting some of the work that d'Arcy Lynn, founder of Teaspoons of Change, has been doing with a network of schools in Asia to help bring the Good Life Goals to everyday life. 

A large mural of Goodlife Goals at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong in the Elementary School (photo credit: Teaspoons of Change)


The Goodlife Goals featured in an assembly at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong (photo credit: Teaspoons of Change)






































Working with students at Dehong Xi'an school to introduce them to the personal concept of Teaspoons of Change in a collective concept of the Goodlife Goals (photo credit: Teaspoons of Change)

  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education
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