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Task Group on catalysing science-based-policy action on SCP

Task Group on catalysing science-based-policy action on SCP:                           

The science is clear on the need to decouple economic growth from natural resource use, and the positive impacts this would have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity and driving socio-economic development.

Yet this evidence does not always reach key decisions makers in a way that is relevant and actionable.

Our stakeholders, whether governments or businesses, need comprehensive and tailored information to help identify priorities, implement strategies, and monitor impacts around the sustainable management of natural resources. 

To meet this need, the United Nations Environment Assembly has requested that the One Planet network and the International Resource Panel form a task group to catalyse science-based-policy action on sustainable consumption and production. 

Goals of the task group:

The task group will identify key points of intervention on resource use across value-chains in the resource-intensive sectors of Construction, Agri-Food and Textiles. The task group will also demonstrate the role that natural resources and SDG 12 play in achieving agreed international objectives on climate, biodiversity and sustainable development.

The task group will work with the research of the International Resource Panel and translate this into materials that can be practically utilised by governments and other partners in the One Planet network, including:

  • key messages that are comprehensible, action-oriented and evidence-based, prioritising action and mobilising support on SCP;
  • concise briefs on the role of natural resources in a key agendas such as climate and biodiversity;
  • communication material based on the above outputs.

Composition of the task group:

4 Government representatives, of which it is recommended that 2 that are (or have been) members of the steering committee of the International Resource Panel and of the Board of the 10YFP

  • Argentina: Ms. Maria Celeste Pinera, Director of Environmental Evaluation, 10YFP National Focal Point, Ministry of Environment
  • Finland: Ms. Merja Saarnilehto, Programme Manager, Ministry of Environment
  • The Netherlands: Mr. Arthur Eijs, Policy Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management
  • South Africa: Mr. Ndivhuho Raphulu, Director, NCPC-SA (nominated by Department of Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries, Government of South Africa)

Up to 3 Business/private sector representatives in the One Planet network

  • Centre for Responsible Business, India: Mr. Rijit Sengupta, Chief Executing Officer
  • Saudi Green Building Forum, Saudi Arabia: Mr. Faisal Alfadl, Founder/Secretary General

2 representatives of a scientific initiative or NGO in the One Planet network

  • WWF: Ms. Martina Fleckenstein, Policy Manager – Food Practice
  • WRF: Mr. Baas de Leeuw, Managing Director

3 representatives of the United Nations system, International Financial Institution or intergovernmental organisations

  • UNDP: Mr. Tim Scott, Senior Policy Advisor - Environment
  • UN-Habitat: Mr. Christophe Lalande, Leader – Housing Unit
  • European Union: Mr. Javier Arribas-Quintana, Senior Expert

1 Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel

  • Ms. Izabella Teixeira, former Minister of Environment, Brazil

2 Expert of the International Resource Panel

  • Ms. Stefanie Hellweg, Germany
  • Mr. Jeffrey Herrick, United States of America

1 UNEP representative

  • Ms Ligia Noronha, Director, Economy Division

The results of the Task Group will be presented at the United Nations Environment Assembly in 2021.


Full Terms of Reference of the Task Group are available here





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