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Tools and resources for implementing the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

This repository of tools and resources aims at supporting the Signatories of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative implementing their commitments on elimination of single-use plastics, introduction of reusable models, engagement and collaboration with value chain stakeholders, etc., as well as at enabling additional tourism businesses and organizations to take action on plastic pollution.

The tools and resources have been organized in six groups: 1) Guidelines for tourism businesses and destinations; 2) Broader reports with references to the tourism sector; 3) Reports on circular strategies to address plastic pollution; 4) Reports including plastic waste management insights; 5) Reports with information on plastic types and hotspots, and; 6) Reports on plastics legislation and regulations.

Guidelines for tourism businesses and destinations

Resource / Tool Description Author
Online seminar (in Spanish): How to reduce plastic waste while meeting COVID19 regulations Online seminar in Spanish tailored to the local regulations with focus on whether single-use plastic is more hygienic and how to prioritize processes instead of products Futouris, Travel Without Plastics and Intertek Cristal (2020)
E-learning: How to reduce plastic and keep guests safe Online course for tourism businesses with six modules on how to reduce plastic and keep guests safe Greener Guest (2020)
Plastic Free Toolkit for Tour Operators Toolkit to assist tour operators to reduce plastic waste in operations, assess current consumption of plastics and consider different alternatives Pacific Asia Travel Association (2020)
Keep Our Sand and Sea Plastic Free Toolkit with resources for hotels to guide staff and tell customers what you are doing to reduce plastic waste TUI Care Foundation, Travel Foundation,  Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (2020)
Recommendations to Continue Taking Action on Plastic Pollution During Covid-19 Recommendations to tourism stakeholders with the aim of supporting them to continue fighting plastic pollution during the COVID-19 recovery UNEP, UNWTO and Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2020)
Stop single-use plastic items: Operational guidelines Information for hotels on specific alternatives to reduce single-use plastics in bedrooms, restaurants and bars, meeting and reception rooms and leisure areas Accor (2019)
Plastic reduction guidelines for hotels Practical advice on communication with staff, guest and suppliers and suggestions on alternatives to single-use plastics TUI Group (2019)
Stop the flood of plastic - Effective measures to avoid single-use plastics and packaging in hotels Recommendations to reduce, reuse and recycle in hotels and case studies from destinations WWF Germany (2019)

Broader reports with references to the tourism sector

Resource / Tool Description Author

Stop the flood of plastic: how Mediterranean countries can save their sea

Report on the plastic system of Mediterranean countries and their performance in tackling plastic pollution, including a roadmap of policies and initiatives WWF(2019)
No Plastic in Nature: A Practical Guide for Business Engagement Evidence-based guide to help companies develop effective strategies for mitigating plastic waste within their businesses WWF(2019)
Out of the Plastic Trap: Saving the Mediterranean from plastic pollution Detailed roadmap of urgent actions that institutions, businesses and citizens need to take to stop plastic waste from reaching the sea WWF(2018)

Reports on circular strategies to address plastic pollution

Resource / Tool Description Author
Upstream innovation: a guide to packaging solutions Toolkit including a guide and supporting assets such as case studies, communications pack, videos, workshop materials Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2020)

New Plastics Economy Global Commitment 2020 Progress Report

Report on how Global Commitment signatories (representing more than 20% of the plastic packaging market) are faring against their 2025 targets Ellen MacArthur Foundation and UNEP (2020)
Addressing Marine Plastics. A Roadmap to a Circular Economy Action-oriented strategy which identifies a core set of priority solutions to be implemented by targeted stakeholders from the plastics value chain UNEP(2019)
Transforming Tourism through Sustainable Procurement Introduction to the strategic role of sustainable procurement to transform tourism, incorporate circularity and procure alternatives to single-use plastics UNEP(2019)
The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics Vision of a global economy in which plastics never become waste and steps towards achieving a circular economy for plastics Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2016)

Reports including plastic waste management insights

Resource / Tool                          Description Author
Can I Recycle This? Global mapping and assessment of standards, labels and claims on plastic packaging regarding sustainability characteristics such as bio-based content, compostability and recyclability UNEP and  Consumers International (2020)
Plastics  recycling worldwide: overview and desirable changes Research which assesses the current situation, complexities and disparities in plastic waste management and calls for accelerating plastic recycling Field Action Science Reports (2019)

What a Waste 2.0: Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management 

Overview of solid waste data at the national and urban levels, including projections of waste generation, metrics from waste generation to disposal and information on costs, revenues, and tariffs, regulations, etc. World Bank Group (2018)

Reports with information on plastic types and hotspots

Resource / Tool Description Author
Plastic Packaging in Southeast Asia and China Review on the volume of plastic packaging in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam and recommendations for companies and policy-makers WWF(2020)
Addressing Marine Plastics: A Systemic Approach - Stocktaking Report Summary of the available literature on the key sources and locations of marine plastics, along with an analysis of the problematic products and polymers UNEP(2018)
Mapping of Global Plastics Value Chain and Plastics Losses to the Environment A mapping which covers plastic production and processing, use of plastics or plastic containing products and disposal of the products UNEP(2018)

Reports on plastics legislation and regulations

Resource / Tool Description Author

Legislative Guide for the Regulation of Single-Use  Plastic Products

A tool to help legislators and policymakers explore options for reducing the harmful impacts of single-use plastic products by regulating their production and consumption

UNEP and World Resources

Institute (2020)

The plastics Landscape: Regulations, Policies and Influencers

Report which explores the various plastic-related regulations coming into force at different stages of the value chain Principles for Responsible Investments (2019)

The tools and resources listed in this repository have been curated by the Coordinating Team and developed by members and partner organizations.

Should you wish to submit additional resources, please contact us.

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