Interested in joining the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme?

The  One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme is a multi-stakeholder partnership that promotes networking among likeminded organizations and brings together existing and new initiatives focused on decoupling tourism’s growth from the increased use of natural resources.

Organizations such as national and local governments, non-governmental organizations, private sector businesses and associations, academia and technical institutions as well as international organizations are already part of the programme either as Lead, Co-Leads, members of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee or Partners.

By becoming a member of the programme, you will:

  • Access a global network of organizations and experts working to advance the implementation of SDG12 on sustainable consumption and production and connected Goals such as SDG13 on climate or SDGs 14 or 15 on marine and terrestrial resources 
  • ​Exchange knowledge, experiences, best practices and lessons learned with other partners in the programme through webinars and online trainings
  • Participate in high-level and technical conferences and events to  advocate for the integration of sustainable consumption and production in the tourism sector and gain international visibility
  • Create synergies with other programme members for the implementation of future activities and to build fundraising coalitions    


Please ​complete the partner application form here