10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme Networking

The 10YFP STP provides networking opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and best practices and the development and implementation of initiatives in resource efficient and low-carbon tourism, reducing the loss of biodiversity, preserving cultural heritage, alleviating poverty, improving sustainable livelihoods and adapting to the reality of a changing climate.

By becoming Partners, you will:

  • Access a global network of organizations and experts working together to implement a variety of activities in sustainable tourism
  • Learn from other partners in the programme, share experiences, lessons learned, best practices and tools
  • Participate in public fora, discussions and debates while advocating for the programme and gaining international visibility
  • Build fundraising coalitions through flagship projects and apply for funding from the 10YFP Trust Fund


Interested in joining us?

The 10YFP STP is open to all organizations and individual experts (legal entities) that are interested in joining a collaborative platform to support the implementation of the Programme. To join, please fill in the below application form. To submit your application form, please download and complete the partner application form below.  

Download the partnership form