A Sampling of Successes in Green Public Procurement:...

This is a compendium featuring six successful examples of green public procurement implementation in four different Asia-Pacific countries, namely Thailand, Japan, China and Korea. Each case study can be read independently and focuses on identifying the challenges faced in the implementation process, as well as the key factors that determined the success of the green procurement activities. The compendium was prepared by the Green Purchasing Network Malaysia in the framework of the Asia-Pacific GPPEL project (“Strengthening the capacities and improving the knowledge on green public procurement and ecolabelling in the Asia Pacific region”) run by UN Environment and supported by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Korean Environmental Industry and Technology Institute. The case studies were written with the contribution of green public procurement practitioners from the four countries involved, with the goal of showcasing successful examples of green purchasing in the public sector and inspiring policy makers to improve their green procurement practices.
Sustainable Public Procurement Sustainable Public Procurement