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Create a global Alliance for Responsible Circular and Transparent Procurement of ICT (ARCTIC) with the objective to make laptops, smartphones and data centers more circular and sustainable through the power of procurement.

 ARCTIC brings together procurers and market players in an effort to :

  • drive towards a harmonized market demand by drawing up harmonized procurement criteria;

  • raise awareness and promote knowledge sharing and expertise by providing guidance and training, and 

  • drive innovation by developing a collaborative ICT roadmap and set a course for sustainable, circular and fair ICT in 2030. 

Our ambition is to change the ICT market through procurement and make it fully circular by 2030.

In order to do that, we will first bring together national governments and public buyers of ICT in a Circular ICT Pact. This will consolidate our collective buyers voice and allow as many public buyers to join as possible. The Pact will describe our common ambition and the actions we aim to take as national governments and as procuring organizations. Next, we need a platform for dialogue with market players and NGOs. ARCTIC has been set up with this exact bridge function in mind. ARCTIC will organize the mixed public-private working groups under the Pact, collect monitoring data and serve as general secretariat for the Pact.

Why a global partnership on ICT

Reducing carbon emissions and the use of primary materials has become a pressing worldwide challenge. The ICT sector is a large and growing source of carbon emissions worldwide, especially datacenters and the production phase of laptops and mobile phones. In addition, the ICT sector is dependent on a wide range of rare minerals with high environmental and social impact in the mining, production and waste phases. 

Making ICT (more) circular would be a big step towards addressing these problems and several initiatives are already underway to address parts of this issue. Public procurement can be an important lever to help take this step, creating a higher demand for circular ICT that will help change the market.

Most ICT brands operate on a worldwide scale however and require a sufficiently uniform demand in order to change the direction of their business. Current circular demand is too small-scale and too fragmented to enable real change. Even collaboration on a national level falls short in terms of scale.Therefore, to empower procurement in the ICT sector, public procurers will have to collaborate on an international scale. Together they can set a shared, constantly improving baseline for their procurements and create a roadmap aimed at future improvements. Individual procuring organizations can use this to set up their own procurements in a way that adds to the movement.

To take real steps in a challenging, yet feasible fashion, we need a continuous and coordinated dialogue with the market, but also with policy makers and NGOs. Only together can we affect the real change we need.


How to Join

Public organizations can join by signing the Pact. Businesses and NGOs can become members of ARCTIC by agreeing to the shared ambitions and paying a membership fee. To create a stable, lasting platform ARCTIC can draw its funding from both public and private participants.


Latest and planned activities:

In 2020 ARCTIC will be officially launched. How and when precisely is uncertain under current circumstances, we will keep you updated!


Initiator : The Netherlands – Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Coordinator contact: 

For more information about the Interest Group and how to join please contact:

Cuno van Geet ( Senior Advisor Circular Procurement


Nardy Jonkers ( Programme Manager



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